Attention - I do not have a shop!
The rackets can be dropped off or picked up at my home (Rene Lösch, Waldstr. 8a, 82110 Germering, ring at "Lösch", 1st floor left), or Monday to Friday in the north of Munich (Ingolstädter Str. / Neuherbergstr.).
But please always make an appointment!
Contact via WhatsApp, Signal or Telgram always possible.
I am currently also looking for a shop in Germering where you can drop off or pick up your rackets at any time.

Of course, the racket can also be sent. But you have to bear in mind that this will incur additional costs due to shipping, which the customer will have to bear entirely. This is not worthwhile for a single racket. But if there are several rackets, e.g. in a circle of friends, in a club or in a sports group, it will be more economical. Please contact me via WhatsApp or email to clarify the details.

I don't string on account! First and foremost, it's "racket for cash". However, Paypal or the good old bank transfer are also available as payment methods if the customer has already strung with me several times and is trustworthy.

I take 13,00 EUR for stringing only. If you bring your own string set, there are no additional costs. If a string from my range is to be strung, you will see the total price under "Strings" in the column "Price incl. stringing".

Before I start stringing, I check all the eyelets for their condition. For badminton rackets, I replace broken eyelets immediately. If the number of broken eyelets is within a normal range (1-5), there are no additional costs. An exception are the eyelets of tennis, squash and crossminton rackets. Here it is often the case that a single eyelet cannot be replaced. In this case, the owner usually has to purchase a suitable eyelet strap.

The stringing itself takes max. 60 min. But since I am not at the stringing machine around the clock and still have a private and work life, I make the racket or rackets as soon as I find the time. I usually need 3 days for the stringing - depending on the queue.

After the tip was missing more often when I did express stringing, from now on I will also take a fee for express service. The express service within 6 hours will be 10,00 EUR and within 12-24 hours 5,00 EUR per racket. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that when customers have asked for express stringing, they have not appreciated it. I then expected a nice tip, but unfortunately this failed to materialize more often. Therefore, like other stringing services, I will now take a fee. Of course, I can only offer the express service if I have the time to string myself! There is no claim to this service!

I have a small selection of grip tapes. The price includes the application of the grip tape.

Yes, from a quantity of 5 sets you can also buy strings from me. But attention, prices on request! The set price in the table is only valid in connection with a stringing.

I string on a lever-arm stringing machine, model: Stringmaster Deluxe from

Yes, it is possible to purchase one or more stringing vouchers from me. For example, to offer them as prizes at a tournament or generally as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. If you are interested, just get in touch.

Tennis strings there is like "sand on the sea". It would be a great financial challenge to stock all or many tennis strings in their different variations. Doctoral theses are written about the "right stringing". There are natural gut strings (rather rare), synthetic gut, monofilament and multifilament and, to top it all off, the big world of hybrids, where you can mix the aforementioned types with each other in all kinds of combinations. I cannot keep this mass of strings in stock. I have a few all-rounders. In the best case, you have bought your favourite string on a roll or in sets and simply hand it in with the stringing. I will take down 12m (roll) and give you the rest back.

Yes, I reward loyal customers. After 10 restringings you get the 11th for free. Please note, however, that repairs do not count as restringing!

It seems that nothing works without reviews nowadays! So I would ask you to give me a Like on Facebook or write a review on Google.



Brand Model Thick Color Set Price Price
with Stringing
Ashaway ZyMax 66 Fire Power 0,66 mm neon-orange 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Li Ning No. 1 0,65 mm orange 6,00 EUR 19,00 EUR
Li Ning No. 5 0,69 mm violet 6,00 EUR 19,00 EUR
Oliver RS MX-1 0,80 mm white 2,00 EUR 15,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Micro Gut 0,69 mm white 2,00 EUR 15,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Tour 75 0,75 mm neon-green
2,00 EUR 15,00 EUR
Yang Yang Rambo 68 0,68 mm neon-orange
2,00 EUR 15,00 EUR
Yonex BG 3 0,74 mm white 4,00 EUR 17,00 EUR
Yonex BG 65 0,70 mm blue
5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Yonex BG 65 Titanium 0,70 mm pink
5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Yonex BG 66 Ultimax 0,65 mm blue
6,00 EUR 19,00 EUR
Yonex BG 80 Power 0,68 mm white 6,00 EUR 19,00 EUR
Yonex BG 80 0,68 mm magenta 6,00 EUR 19,00 EUR
Yonex Nanogy 95 0,69 mm gold 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Yonex Nanogy 99 0,69 mm white 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR

last rarities
Ashaway MicroPower 0,70 mm blue 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Ashaway MicroPower XL 0,73 mm red
5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Ashaway Natural Gut 0,80 mm nature 10,00 EUR 23,00 EUR
Ashaway PowerGut 65 0,70 mm neon-orange
5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Ashaway Rally 21 0,75 mm nature 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Ashaway Rally 22 0,68 mm navy 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR
Victor Arturo 75 0,75 mm neon-orange 5,00 EUR 18,00 EUR


Brand Model Thick Color Setprice Price
with Stringing
Speedminton MS 600 1,34 mm transparent 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Speedminton MS 700 1,30 mm anthracite 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR


Brand Model Thick Color Setprice Price
with Stringing
Ashaway Liberty 17 1,25 mm gold 4,00 EUR 17,00 EUR
Ashaway Ultra Nick 17 1,25 mm neon-green 10,00 EUR 23,00 EUR
Gamma TNT Squash 1.20 1,20 mm neon-yellow 10,00 EUR 23,00 EUR
Head Evolution Pro 1,21 mm orange 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Dura Ace 1,20 mm yellow 3,00 EUR 16,00 EUR
Pro's Pro S-200 1,22 mm yellow-black 3,00 EUR 16,00 EUR

last rarities
Ashaway SuperNick XL 1,15 mm wine red 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR


Brand Model Thick Type Color Setprice Price
with Stringing
Babolat RPM Blast 1,25 mm Monofil black 9,00 EUR 22,00 EUR
Babolat RPM Hurricane 1,25 mm Monofil yellow 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Babolat Syn Gut 1,30 mm Synthtic Gut magenta 4,00 EUR 17,00 EUR
HEAD Lynx 1,25 mm Monofil neon-yellow 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
HEAD RIP Control 1,25 mm Multifil black-white 8,00 EUR 21,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Black Warrior 1,14 mm Monofil black 3,00 EUR 16,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Nano Vendetta 1,25 mm Monofil silver 3,00 EUR 16,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Plus Power 1,18 mm Monofil orange 3,00 EUR 16,00 EUR
Signum Pro X-PERIENCE 1,24 mm Monofil neon-green 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Solinco HYPER-G 1,25 mm Monofil neon-green 9,00 EUR 22,00 EUR
Wilson Revolve Twist 1,30 mm Monofill red 7,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut 1,30 mm Synthetic Gut nature 3,00 EUR 16,00 EUR


Brand Model Type Color Price
HEAD Xtreme Soft Overgrip various colours 2,50 EUR
Pro's Pro Hyper Cushion Grip Base Tape black 3,00 EUR
Pro's Pro P.G.2 Overgrip black 2,00 EUR
Victor Terrycloth Base Tape white
3,00 EUR
Pro's Pro Finishing Ring Rubber Band black 1,00 EUR
Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip white 2,50 EUR
Yonex Terrycloth Base Tape magenta
3,00 EUR
Yonex Hi Soft Base Tape various colours
3,50 EUR


within 6 hours within 12-24 hours
10,00 EUR / racket 5,00 EUR / racket


Besaitungsservice Germering

Owner: Rene Lösch
Waldstr. 8a
82110 Germering (FFB)
✆ +49 (0)152 510 27 969

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